Chiefta1n's Ban Appeal

Jan 26, 2018
Username Chiefta1n

Date of ban Nov 20, 2018

Reason given for ban Toxicity towards players and staff

Who banned you Operator not named

Reason(s) you should be unbanned I know I have been warned multiple occasions, and I do realize what I have done. Although I have been under the influence during these outbreaks, it is no reason to swear and have an inappropriate attitude. I've been with this server for a long time and honestly, I do care about it. I am working on my problem of being under the influence and I believe I made a mistake. The reason I made this appeal was to express how sorry I am. Please ponder over the decision to unban me. I want to play with my friends calcium_a and beastybearcat. Thank you, and I am very sorry.
Feb 26, 2018
The appeal has been talked over and it was decided to un-ban you, with the knowledge that there will be zero tolerance policy of that type of behavior in the future. If it happens again you will be banned again with no chance of an it being revoked. We can not have someone under the influence, speaking in a unbecoming manor in the future on our server.