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  1. Digiwolf

    Let's talk about the 1.13 Update

    Hello Myriadians, As everyone knows 1.13 is just around the corner with that milestone coming our servers will need to be updated, now we realize that will make some players sad as you have worked hard to get where you are, but unfortunately this is a major update with new biomes , other...
  2. Digiwolf

    Store Update

    Hey Myridians, The store has been updated to match the forums theming, Unfortunately with changing over our store to buycraft we have lost payment information which means that upgrades will not work. You will have to message me or _bc on discord and we will manually add you. The store has also...
  3. Digiwolf

    Rank and Chat Update

    Hello MyriadCraft Users, We have updated all of the ranks and the chat to be cleaner and more EULA friendly. We have made it so that when you hover over your name or another players name then you will see there rank: The donator ranks have had a name and perk change. Donator > Elite Premium...
  4. Digiwolf

    Deanosaurr's Ban Appeal

    Appeal Accepted
  5. Digiwolf

    New Website

    Welcome to MyriadCraft We have just released our brand-new forums for you all to enjoy, the staff team hope this update will help the server grow and make it become a more enjoyable place for our community to hang out and discuss topics.