Hey everyone, its been a while since our last update, we've been busy setting up and making sure that 1.13.1 update was fully functional. So it is with great pleasure that I inform everyone that we are on the latest version of Minecraft, we are not on viaversion like some other servers claim 1.13.1, you must connect with 1.13.1 Minecraft Launcher.

This update has introduced a few extras which I will outline below.

  • Server now completely 1.13.1 compliant (Lovely bug fixes and new features)
  • Plugins have been updated:
  • Worldguard
  • Worldedit
    • other behind the scenes plugin are all set but still in beta for 1.13.1 please report any issues found
  • XP Bottle is now a craft-able item, you can create one with 8 Glow Stone Dust surrounded by an Empty bottle.
  • Public Crafting Tables are live, you can start a recipe and let your friend finish it, this is great because if you need an item from a chest and you have items on the table it will no longer drop.
  • McMMO is back on the server, level up those abilities.
  • Custom Elite Mobs yes you heard right, you can fight much stronger mobs and get special high level bosses to drop super amazing drops.
  • Cash for Kills you get money from killing mobs, get that money!
  • Back Packs (Semi-Premium) you can now put your most valuable items in your back pack and not worry if you die, make you leave those Curse of Vanishing at home as they still will go poof, if you want a bigger back pack check out the Store link above.
  • Cosmetic Trails (Premium) go ahead and use those fancy shmancy trails in survival, show off your bling bling, some cosmetics are premium and only come with ranks.
  • Tags (Premium) show off that special tag, we even create you a custom tag, all available tags can be seen on the store link above.
  • Friends and Parties add your friends to the list and share the wealth,...
Hello Myriadians,
As everyone knows 1.13 is just around the corner with that milestone coming our servers will need to be updated, now we realize that will make some players sad as you have worked hard to get where you are, but unfortunately this is a major update with new biomes , other enhancements and fixes. With that said one server will be updated and not reset (SkyBlock) as its a void world and needs no biome changes.

Kingdoms: This server will be reset after a while but only once all plugins are updated to 1.13.
Survival: This server will be updated and revamped with new features, better plugins and better optimization. Big project for survival.

We also wanted to talk about some others features coming soon to Myriadcraft, this includes a new updated themed HUB completely customized to our server, this HUB will include lots of fun features such as Easter Eggs, Games etc. it will not be live until 1.13 drops.

Thanks for reading,
Hey Myridians,

The store has been updated to match the forums theming, Unfortunately with changing over our store to buycraft we have lost payment information which means that upgrades will not work. You will have to message me or _bc on discord and we will manually add you.

The store has also got a sale on to celebrate the new theme and the upcoming St Patricks Day this sale will last from now to the 18th March.

We have also added tags to the store and they are on 50% sale this will be the first and only time they are discounted!

Thanks for reading,
Hello MyriadCraft Users,

We have updated all of the ranks and the chat to be cleaner and more EULA friendly. We have made it so that when you hover over your name or another players name then you will see there rank:

The donator ranks have had a name and perk change.

Donator > Elite
Premium > Hero
Supporter > Champion
VIP > Titan
CEO > Legend
Myriad > Myriad

The perk changes can be seen on the store

We are also will also be introducing Myriad+, this will be a subscription based donator rank. You will need to be Myriad rank to unlock this donator rank. More information on this soon.

Welcome to MyriadCraft

We have just released our brand-new forums for you all to enjoy, the staff team hope this update will help the server grow and make it become a more enjoyable place for our community to hang out and discuss topics.